This is Oskar Stal talking movies. In Swedish my name is Oskar Stål, weird I know... I have a huge passion for movies and this passion started when I was a young teenager who got my hands on the movie Aliens. I watched after school one day and was completely blown away. It was definitely a life changing experience, and since then I have been mesmerized by great movies.

During my teens I recorded lots of movies from TV, I used a rack of VHS players and just recorded great movies like there was no tomorrow. This sounds really weird in this day and age, I know, but back then it made perfect sense (at least to me...). My entire walls was plastered with home recorded VHS movies and I think I reached nearly 1000 tapes in the end.

When my girlfriend (now wife) moved in back in 2008 I had to make room, and the tapes had to go.

In today's Internet age I still consume movies by renting them at Stockholm's best DVD rental place (Casablanca). This sounds weird, I know, but the truth is that we have no really good Internet service in Sweden (and I live really close by the store).

Apocalypse now, Clockwork orange, Aliens, Alien, Jaws, Lord of the rings, Matrix, the good bad & ugly.

My favorite director is Stanley Kubrick, my favorite actor is Clint Eastwood (have a beautiful painting of him in our living room, which my wife hates of course).

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Unfortunately I haven't been able to watch much movies lately. It seems it's too hard to find empty 2 hour slots in my life at the moment. Tragic...